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How to Be a Modern Gentleman

How to be a Modern Gentleman


1. Be gentle to the fairer sex.

2. Dress well no matter the occasion.

3. Pride is dangerous, be careful

4. Be humble, be grateful.

5. Opening the door or giving up a seat for a lady isn’t up for discussion.

6. Work hard, that is if you want to own anything worth having.

7. Starting or instigating a fight is for school boys, but men obtain the power to end one.

8. Ignorance isn’t bliss, knowledge is power.

9. Suit up and make sure it’s tailored to fit.

10. Confidence is a gentleman’s trademark.

11. Comfort zones are for the weak, men aren’t weak.

12. Foul language is for the less educated.

13. Make eye contact and mean business.

14. Lower your standards for no one.

15. Being romantic doesn’t make you a woman.

16. Stay groomed.

17. Admit when you’re wrong.

18. Always make the first move. You’re the MAN.

19. Handwritten “thank you” cards are not outdated. Use them.

20. Chivalry is not dead, there are just too many boys.

21. It is said you can tell a lot about a man through his handshake, so make it strong and firm.

22. Leave her breathless.

23. Judge no one, just improve yourself.

24. Speak your mind. Don’t hesitate.

25. Offer your arm to a lady while walking. She’ll feel secure.

26. You’re the man. You pay.

27.  Women love compliments.  Gentlemen provide them.

28. Never wear your hat indoors. It’s disrespectful.

29. Make sure everyone has their plate before you start eating.

30. We don’t always have to be the center of attention, but we are always noticed. It is our signature as gentlemen to come, make a statement, leave, and be remembered.